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Muscovite Mica

We export Muscovite Mica to buyers in different countries around the world.

What is Muscovite Mica?

Mica is a mineral name given to a group of minerals that are physically and chemically similar.  They are all silicate minerals, known as sheet silicates because they form in distinct layers.  Micas are fairly light and relatively soft, and the sheets and flakes of mica are flexible. Mica is heat-resistant and does not conduct electricity. 

There are 37 different mica minerals. The two most common mica used worldwide includes: 

Phlogopite Mica and Muscovite Mica

Muscovite Mica: Muscovite Mica is the most common mineral of the mica’s own family. It is an essential rock-forming mineral present in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Like other micas, it with no trouble cleaves into skinny transparent sheets. Muscovite sheets have a pearly to vitreous lustre on their floor. If they’re held up to the light, they’re obvious and almost colourless, however, maximum have a mild brown, yellow, inexperienced, or rose-colour tint.

Phlogopite Mica: Phlogopite Mica is also a common form of mica, and it is usually distinguished by its brownish-red colour. Phlogopite, like the other important mica’s, can come in very large crystal sheets. Thin sheets can be peeled off as layers, and thin layers maintaining an interesting metallic-looking transparency.

Our Muscovite Trade Specification

Trade Specifications
Trade Process

Origin: Nigeria
Mineral Type: Sheets / Crude blocks
Quantity: Up to 1,000 Metric Tonnes monthly
Price: Open to Negotiation
Trade Process: Ex Works/FOB/CIF
Payment Method: 100% irrevocable SBLC or L/C 
Packaging: 50 kg bags loaded in container 20″ FCL
Shipping Time: 15 days after confirmation of L/C
Loading Port: Lagos, Nigeria
Size: 1 inch – 7 inches
Moisture: < 0.5%
Colour: White/light grey, spotless, transparent surface

  • Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF): The seller handles everything from loading the vessel, paying for insurance, and shipping the product to the country the buyer wants it delivered.

  • Freight On Board (FOB): The seller is responsible for handling the transportation of the goods to the port of shipment and loading cost. Once the goods are loaded on the ship, all liabilities transfer to the buyer. Liabilities like unloading, insurance, marine freight transport, and transporting products to its destination.

  • Tanker Take Over (TTO): The buyer takes over the hiring of a loaded tanker along with the product it contains.

  • Tanker To Tanker (TTT): The buyer hires his vessel and uses the same to purchase products from the seller.

Muscovite Exporters in Nigeria

Are you trying to buy Muscovite Mica Stones and have it shipped to anywhere in the world? At JesseCrown, we are devoted to facilitating purchases and export of solid minerals while providing a reliable and profitable service.